In this blog 😀 I AM going to share a personal experience . An experience holding in it – ” its true magnificence and a secret to realizing YOUR WILDEST DREAMS ” .

One word.. Literally ONE WORD that changed the direction of my life and brought all and everything I could dream of.

The word which brings your soul and the universe in perfect harmony ❤

Yes , the word which has lost its significance Nowadays or I should say ” RESTRICTED AS THE REPLIES ON PHOTOS ON SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES “.

Let’s recall !

When Did the last time You express your gratitude to your mum or papa for loving you unconditionally and kissed their hands ?

When did the last time You look into the mirror and appreciate yourself for the way you are ?

Did it happen to you ? You were driving a car or any vehicle or  just walking your way to college or workplace and noticed the poor and homeless on the roadside .. Did you stop to bless them and be GRATEFUL to be privileged enough ?

My dear all.. THANKYOU for taking out a few precious minutes to read my blog. THANKYOU 🙂

How did you feel ? You might have  felt honoured and my  THANKYOU might  have  brought a smile on your face ? 😀 (I hope so :-P)


THANKYOU is the Magic Word !


No matter what might be happening in your life ! No matter what ..  Remember ,  Everything is preparing You for Tomorrow 😀

Many a Times , we underestimate and neglect all the riches we are having NOW – this very moment.

You are blessed to have parents when thousands of children only pray for a home or guardians.

You are blessed to have this LIFE which is created by YOU  and you have all the powers within you To TRANSFORM IT INTO A GLORIOUS ONE.

Thank each and every past experience and all the people who did not treat you well – THEY HELPED YOU BECOME STRONGER THAN BEFORE.

Thank every morning when you wake up – A NEW DAY ! NEW BEGINNING ! NEW YOU ! 😀

Discover The HeRo in YoU ❤


Be thankful for the small things and blessings. Big ones are on the way.

Start your Day with a THANKYOU.

Feel it now 😀


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