About more than 200 years ago , when there were no cars , buses or any mode of transportation , people travelled on foot or on camels or horses or other animals in search of livelihood.

Many a Times , they settled at places  or continued to travel and in this process , their lives became a mix of their old and new ways of living.

There were geographical , historical and cultural influences on their lives.

Out of this intermixing of cultures , came something new – DIVERSITY .

As we live in a society , we tend to find people who are different from us in the way they dress , speak , food they eat and celebrate.

Sometimes we feel secure and comfortable with people who are similar to us and in this process , we sometimes , show disrespect or disregard the culture and ethics of people who have different religion , language and culture.

We make STEREOTYPES – which is a notion or  particular image of an individual or certain community.

We act on our PREJUDICES (thinking negative and make them feel as inferior) and even hurt them either intentionally or unintentionally.

Let us take an example –

Some communities have a common stereotype of not sending their children , particularly girls , to school , as they do not want them to be educated ! 😐

In the recent studies , it has been found that most of the the population is not able to send their children to school because of poverty. Whenever they’ve got the right conditions and appropriate schooling facilities , they have shown a remarkable interest! 😀

We fail to see and treat an individual based in his or her qualities rather make false assumptions.

This prevents us to act in the required manner and be friend with people who are different with us.

Every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

This entire scenario of discrimination and inequality , treating people who are different from us as inferior has been been given birth by our own Society and has to be put to an end by us only.

Fotor_143903610879093Remember OUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER , ENLIGHTEN and RADIATE peace & joy , health & happiness to each and every person we meet. Reach to their souls for they must never forget you for the positive and inspirational vibes they received.

Over to you. ❤ Have a beautiful day 😀


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