Fotor_144034888300489            It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when I came across a kid selling jute bags on the streets of connaught place. After a little talk about his studies , I asked him to pack one. Before I was about to turn , in order to leave , he said something that still echoes in my ears.

GRATITUDE is a feeling that comes when you feel privileged and blessed to possess anything – a person, family, riches, clothes, food or a day. The feeling of GRATITUDE is the ultimate happiness one can ever have.

But now comes the question !  Are you really grateful for today ? Do you really feel privileged for every blessing ( which might be in any form ) in your life ?                                  Certainly not !

People usually say ‘THANKYOU’ only when someone helps open the door , or bring a glass of water or picks up the pen…                                                 What is quite evident nowadays – we are not happy for what we have in present, rather feel the lack of what we do not possess in the present.       Feeling of ungratefulness brings more miseries, feeling of lack and difficulties in every area of life you might not be Grateful for.

” Whoever has GRATITUDE will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance.                                          Whoever does not have GRATITUDE, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her.”

So if YOU are grateful , you’ll be given more and you’ll have abundance.                                                Fotor_144034894012073           THANKYOU is the bridge between you and your Dreams !                           And Yes – only knowledge of this fact is not sufficient .                                        As…                                                                               ” Applied Knowledge is Power. ”

Once You make GRATITUDE a part of your daily routine, you’ll start noticing – everything you ever wanted appearing before your eyes!

Look out for all the blessings and be GRATEFUL for even the air you breathe in !                                                Before going to bed , take a minute and go through the day and think of the best thing happened to you that day – there must be one !                        ( once you’ll make it a habit, it would be difficult for you to decide out of many best things happened in a single day! )

The moment you wake up in morning , feel WHAT a PRIVILEGE it is to BE ALIVE, to BREATHE ,to have a BRIGHT NEW DAY and then start Your day!                                                    Be full of GRATITUDE for the smallest of the small and biggest of the big blessing.                                        If a 12 year old kid can be grateful for the small privileges and just because I bought his item.. Why cannot us ?

Life is meant to be happy. Be Grateful and open all the doors to happiness and a blissful life.                 Thankyou 😀


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