“” What !! You want to become “other than what we want you to” ? From where did this miserable idea come to you ? What is the scope in it ?CAREER…!?

Don’t fly in air ! Keep yourself to ground. Think practically ! Is it LOGICAL to become “other than what we want for you” ? And where do you think the money would come from ? Trees ? Concentrate on what the society wants you To Become ! There’s no use going against the society norms or what we want. Otherwise – NO SUPPORT from our side. Do whatever you want to do now ! “”

These words are often experienced by almost every individual who has had dreams to conquer the world and the will to Accomplish Wonders.  They set out with a vision, a firm determination & grit to follow their instincts .. But then, suddenly, they are bombed with never ending doubts and fears put forth by family members and ” WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK ? ”

Sometimes ( actually most of the times ) , the reason given by parents to their children is – there’s no scope and money in it. What they don’t realize is – Money comes from Happiness!!

” Success ( or money ) is not the way to Happiness.                                       But Happiness is the ultimate way to Success. ”


Ask your child or if you have a younger brother or sister..  if he or she is really happy doing what they are doing ?                                                Let’s take an example –                         If a girl wants to become a wildlife photographer, she is labelled as ” out of mind ” because what she’s dreaming of is next to impossible and there are hardly any girls in there!                                                          But when a Female Wildlife Photographer takes over the internet and world by her breath taking photos of fauna and flora – ” She’s doing a great job and she must have been lucky ! ” But still , they’ll appreciate but won’t allow their child to become one.

The Question is – Does having dreams and the desire to make them your life makes you a CRIMINAL ?                       Certainly Yes ! Because this is the way present children and adolescents and even adults are treated .


Parents need to understand –               Children should not be expected to fulfill their desires . Every human being has an individual life and he or she must be allowed to follow their bliss and go in the direction of their dreams.

Today , most of the population is following rest of the population. There are followers all around. This world needs leaders and people who can ignite the fire once again as was done by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam –

” Children must be encouraged to follow their dreams and create their own lives. But unfortunately , they are told to become like everyone else. ”

It is not necessary that a child who is good in academics need to become a doctor or engineer or IAS officer ! Is she or he committing a crime getting good grades ? They are often told – ” Take Science for You can Do it ! ” No one asks them what they want to do.

If children are meant to fulfill their parents and society’s expectations , then who is responsible for their very own dreams ?

To Have Dreams is not a Crime .         To Dream Big and Believe in the Unseen is not a Crime. THEN WHY STOP THEM ?

Teach your children or siblings and everyone around to Have Faith in themselves and Ofcourse – their DREAMS .                                                  If they won’t receive what they truly desire and deserve , what will they pass onto their future generation ?    It’s high time .                                         RAISE the child you’ve got , Not the one You want.


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