Fotor_144449174816330Did this question ever come to your mind – ” How did this Universe come into existence ? How , when and where the first form of life existed ? Why inspite of innumerable disastrous explosions in the outer space , we do not hear even one ?

WHY YOU WERE BORN ?                        For what purpose ? To accomplish wonders or watch others doing that ?

Let’s come to everyday reality –            Why inspite of being financially strong, loving family and friends and all the comforts ( which many on this planet can only dream of ).. Some people are always unhappy ?

Why there are hundreds of unexplained NASA’s files ? Or Are they really ‘ unexplained ‘ ?                 Now let’s come to basics –

Why is Air transparent ?                        Why Oceans so deep ?                            Why the Sky looks infinite ( or is it )? Fotor_144449184762153Why is Nature so beautiful and majestic ? “

This WHY has actually changed my life !

I see people having everything – a (so called) good job , a huge circle of friends , loving family , anything and everything and still – they are unhappy ! Why ? It’s normal to be happy and abnormal to be sad. It is normal to be healthy and abnormal to be sick.          It is normal to wake up every morning with a thought that – YES ! I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING WONDERFUL TODAY ! and it’s abnormal to go to bed without a feeling of satisfaction .

We actually have time to do everything that satisfies our cravings – that feeds our ego and our so called image . But how many times have we really stopped and asked ourselves –  ” Why am I doing what I am doing ?    Is there anything am learning in it ? “

Look for sometime in your busy schedule to find yourself… When you look deep within and search for the answers to your confusions and at times , frustrations.Fotor_144449179670276

Try and Develop this habit of Asking Questions…because –

Just as the never ending sky signifies our Infinite Potential to do Miracles , Just as the transparent air teaches us to be pure , deep down to our soul ,    Just as the deep oceans signify a Huge bucket full of emotions and memories ,                                                There is a reason for your existence on this planet Earth !

You have all the answers within you and your Subconscious is there always helping you .                                That Subconscious which was present before our Universe came into existence , that Subconscious that keeps all the planets in perfect order and that which regulates your breathing , that Subconscious that gives you a hunch whenever you are doing something wrong , that Subconscious will TAKE YOU  where you want to be – that subconscious will MAKE YOU what you want to be ! You just have to Question !

Everytime you ask a question to yourself , believe that your Subconscious will respond . It will .

Every single ” WHY ” can bring a huge difference in your life , your destiny , and YOUR REASON FOR BEING HERE ON PLANET Earth .


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