Fotor_144717587112832Hello everyone ! I know I am keeping late with my blogs , but that’s not gonna happen now.

I hope you all must be doing awesome coz of the festive season ( or might not be, coz of pollution 😦 ).

Let’s look at the good side , there are lights , happy faces , decorations and colors!

But you must be thinking – How does this relates to the title of this blog ?Let us see…

What is Depression ?

– You feel lost in yourself , almost all the time,

– You get irritated over small things,

– You feel no one loves you or cares for you,

– You feel you are worthless and Life seems a menace, and….

– Suicide seems the easiest way out.

When the environment surrounding you doesn’t affects you , there can be ( according to me ) only two reasons : Either your thoughts are in complete control or you are in complete control of your thoughts.

There might be lights , there might be celebrations around but you don’t feel the happiness & the cheer. You feel complete ISOLATION.


Let’s come to the real story ,

I am most of the times , in a cheerful , happy mood. But yes , this phase comes atleast , once in everyone’s life. ( It is completely normal !) It did come in mine too.

Thousands of thoughts pop up into your head – ALL AT ONCE ! I lost interest in everything , even in shopping 😛

(Get back to serious) How did I bounce back ?


Ask yourself – what is bothering you ? Be specific and crystal clear.           Vagueness is self – defeating and ” I don’t know OR I can’t make out ” is an unacceptable answer.

When you are happy , you are happy for a reason ! Likewise , there’s a reason you are feeling depressed. Find out that reason.


Once you make out what is bothering you , you have two choices : 1. Do you want to stuck there & continue feeling lifeless ? Or

2. Do you want to change it becoz you want to feel what happiness is ?

It’s that easy !

If your answer is 1. – Not even god can help you , but if you really want to get over this , you’ll have to make efforts.


Most of the times , depression arises from incidents happened in the past or fear of future.

You must live in this moment – The Present Moment.

If your circumstances are in your control , change them for your good. Else , Let It Go ! Not everything happening in this world is lined up for you.

The following method worked wonders for me and is highly effective –

Look straight into your eyes and ask yourself – ” Do I want to spend the rest of my life like this ? Lifeless ? Exhausted ? Really ? Am I Coward ? ”

You are stronger than you think you are.

If you are depressed or frustrated over a person at your workplace or any place , lock yourself into a room and speak whatever you want to as if the same person is standing before you ! This really works ( remember Jab We Met ? 😛 ).


You don’t have to be perfect . Imperfection is beautiful. We all have some flaws and some qualities we are appreciated or admired for.

Start looking for them. You gotta love yourself to the moon&back.

Pamper yourself with EXERCISE – The most Underestimated Anti-Depressant ! Seriously ! Sweat it out.

Wear your favourite clothes , get up and show often! Life is not meant to be taken seriously ! Life is meant to be full of fun.


1. Count your blessings,

2. Change what you can,

3. Let Go what you cannot control  ,

4. Live in the present ,

5. Wear a Dashing Smile ( all 32 visible 😉 and

6. Love Yourself madly.

Do tell me how you liked it ! ( sorry for the bad editing )                                 XO XO

Until next blog cya ❤


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