Get off that train

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live your dreams till your last breath…

Since it has been a wonderful start to my day, I think it would be good idea to blow your minds off. I mean, in a good way !

Let me take you back in time when you were just a kid with an innocent smile and a curious sense of questioning, which I suppose, you might have lost a large part of.

You are supposed to do a lot of things. Things which you don’t like to do or even think about.

First of all, you are supposed to take birth and then go to school.

After 14 years of waking up at 6 o’clock and returning to home after 2 pm and then the tuition teacher ready to bang on your head, from making those useless posters and models (which were most of the times, made by our poor parents) for internal assessment, to running after lecturers for half a mark.

From being glued to books day and night during the boards, to making project presentations , from crying on not having been able to reach 90%, I think we all have come a long way.

I still cannot make out what I did in engineering. certainly, I never will. I don’t want to.

Life, especially for Indians has been restricted to getting a job, marriage, children and then………..?   Your dreams go to the grave with you. No?

Let me explain more clearly-

You go to school, get a college degree, get some experience on a resume, position yourself for a career and then get a good paying job in a stable company. (it doesn’t matters if you go unstable while doing all this)

Schools make you learn the failed models by this or that scientist. Have we discovered the entire of this Universe that we are now taking over to the failed experiments ? We don’t even know what happens inside a Black Hole. Let alone the black hole, do you know about the third sphere of our mind-The Supra concious?

Let’s come to basics..

You go about your life condemning about all things you could have done but did not do.                     You have dreams but you also have a lifetime to bring them to reality. Right? 

Listen. Have that spark in your eyes which you had when you were kid and you looked at everything, even yourself, in awe. It is never too late. Get off this train of mediocrity. 

 You have all the answers within you. Do what ignites your spirit.

You are not manufactured to take birth and then start manufacturing waste in your life. Get off this train of lifeless dummies. Live every moment for that one reason you are breathing for. You are here to make a difference.

Don’t be ordinary. 





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