My FANTASIES for 2016!

Fotor_145568907021013What are goals?                                                                                                                                                      They are dreams with deadlines.

Your chief aim when broken down into short term goals, they are easy to focus as well as work on.

I thought why not make a super fantastic dream list for this year to keep me going and it would help me set my own standards?

Here I go…

YEAR 2016  


  • Become the most positive and enthusiastic person I know.
  • Attend and practice the 2nd level of Subconscious mind and its powers.
  • Become more focused.
  • No internet for 2 days a week.
  • Regular journaling of my thoughts while expressing the immense love for this life.
  • Eat more of natural and less of processed.



  •   Travel 4 different cities including Alvar in February, 2 hill stations and 1 coastal region.
  • Explore 3 famous bakeries in Delhi (I want to have my own bakery).
  • Go for spa and aroma therapy.
  • October-November paragliding, river rafting, valley jumping, bungee jumping.



  • Publish 4 E-books (have already publish one – “7 Incredible ways to Gorgeous failure!Read it here)
  • My upcoming book “The Night I Woke Up “ and I am sure to  inspire zillions of people through my  story.
  • Travelling to the biggest book stores and Universities for the promotion of my book.
  • Attending 3 speaking events.
  • Reading 30 books on self help and the Subconscious powers of our mind (have already read 11).
  • Organising one Seminar and one Workshop to motivate and create awareness about the infinite storehouse of power that is residing in each one of us.
  • Joining Toastmasters and qualifying for the INTERNATIONAL TOASTMASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • Receive THE INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER AUTHOR AWARD 2016 for THE NIGHT I WOKE UP on 10th March 2017, Switzerland at 1 pm.
  • Building a dog house for pampering street dogs through the money earned.

….. and much more!

Life’s short. Don’t just get up and go to work. You are not a robot. Work you must, but on your dreams first. 

This is my dream list which in no time would turn into reality. It would be so much fun to return to this blog at the end of the year and realize how far I’ve come and appeciate my life and its beauty even more!

By the way, what is your dream list?



4 thoughts on “My FANTASIES for 2016!

  1. Gursimrat Singh says:

    Seriously. I felt like that why I am not doing it. 😛 I mean seriously. When we see the life from a different perspective, there are lots of great changes and joys that we can achieve. Thanks for article. Shweta.

    Liked by 1 person

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