A Magic Trip to Alwar !



I have always loved narrating my holiday stories to my friends and cousins, and since this time, fortunately, I’ve got you to share with, I am even more excited!

There’s something travelling does to you. Apart from the rejuvenation you experience, you get to know about yourself and the world around you. Same happened with me during my beautiful trip to Alwar.One would think of Alwar as a desert city with little or no vegetation, hot climate and having the typical Rajasthan culture with forts and palaces. How’s it in actual ?

Let’s start the virtual journey!

Day 1                  


Fotor_145602367033946I woke up at 6:15 am, with this wonderful thought of spending one of the most beautiful vacations of my life with my family. (It turned out to be one)

We headed  from our home at 8:45 am with just a mug of coffee and two crackers ( you just don’t feel like eating anything early in the morning or may be I was too excited? ),clouded sky and a bit of drizzling. What can be more exciting than an awesome weather and rain on a road journey?

After stuffing our mouths with tandoori paranthas and that yum green chutney on a highway restaurant, we did some quirky photoshoots.                                                                         Here & there… Swinging & Swirling…

It was more than an hour, driving, peeping my head out of the window and watching the beautiful scenery of green farms and tiny hills.


When you are enjoying the journey and not thinking of the destination, that’s when travelling becomes even more beautiful.

We had some freshly squizzed orange juice on the way! That was the most amazing flavour I had tasted after a long time.

As we reached the Alwar city, we decided to visit the Sariska Tiger Reserve. Safari?? That too for three hours in a jungle?



If you can zoom it, look at the Aligators in the centre.


One amazing fact I got to know from the guide in safari was -The female Aligators lay and bury their eggs in the sand. The eggs which are buried in the lower side (temp. 35degree celsius or more) become females and in the upper side (30 degrees or less) become males. Interesting. Just a temperature difference! Peacock, deer, antelope, Neelgai (which is actually a species of horse), and The Tiger. Well, we could not find any. I was happy  he did not find us 😛

Beautiful roads and fresh air. (You hardly breathe in Delhi)

Moving on.. I wanted to stay in a hotel resembling a palace. We travelled through raw roads without lights to uphill, completely remote with no network connections and finally, there stood a magnificent building.

We found something more beautiful. The hotel was on the top of the hills surrounding the Silised lake. Can you imagine the view? Because it is really hard to describe in words! I was completely mesmerized! (refer to the image in the start of the blog)

I could never imagine Alwar to be this beautiful!  ❤

I always dreamed of experiencing such a scenery. Dim lights, complete silence, moonlight, a calm lake and hills. Nature at its best.


It was so dark that only moonlight could tell the difference between the sky, hills and the lake. The mirror image of the hills was clearly visible in the lake. One could listen to the silence.

It was a gift from the Universe.

Day 2

Me and my sister woke up at 5am only to witness the sunrise as we did in Kasauli. I put my jacket and went to the balcony. Woahh!! It was as dark as if it was midnight. All one could see were stars. Countless stars. Was I on earth?


Whatever I am writing is only 5% of what my eyes and senses could comprehend. I realized how tiny our problems look when we come across the magnificence of the power that created us.

Life is a gift. It really is.

The Universe never fails to mesmerize  me through its gestures. Thankyou!                                I am absolutely confident of this beautiful power accompanying me everywhere I go.

So where are you planning to go ?




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