On a High!

It has been two weeks since The Night I Woke Up ( my dream) has been released!

Gosh! This journey has been so so amazing that I literally cannot put down that feeling into words. It was around four months back, that I was just thinking to write a book and now it is here, in my hands.


No matter how many books I write in future, this book would always be the sparkle of eyes. It has my life story, my experiences, the lessons I learned and most importantly, a message which I always wanted to convey to you that –

You can do, be or have anything you want if you are crazy enough to believe in you and this Universe!

The best feeling is when you get to know that your words are making a difference in someone’s life. When you realize that the dream you once had in your eyes for years, is now in front of your eyes and you are growing into your own dream person.

Few days back a reader asked me, ” what is that one thing you need to accomplish your dreams? ” ” From where did you gather the courage to  hold onto your dreams? ”

That’s a million dollar question because success in itself carries a mound of personality traits, behavioural traits, your knowledge of the interaction between your conscious and subconscious mind, persistence, determination, focus, hard work and what not!!

But yes, there’s an answer to every question.


Magic happens when you believe in yourself.

I always believed that I can do it.. so can you.

Life is such a magic and everything around you and in you is just perfect. No flaws. Nothing. There’s pure love! You have been given everything you need to go and prove yourself!

You deserve to live an extraordinary life! You hold so much beauty in you. Look out for it. It is just there. ( Walk into your room and find it in the mirror)

Go and make your life stupendously sensational because you deserve it!

Buy your magical copy of this Life transforming book here- The Night I Woke Up


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