Did you Love?


The ancient Egyptians believed that when they died, God would ask them only two questions :

Did you find love and joy?              

 Did you bring love and joy?

..”  There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love. There’s a hunger for love…”

There are many treasures, but the greatest of these, is love. Love is a rare commodity, the more you give it away, the more it returns to you.

Be kind to everyone you meet, for very one is carrying a heavy load.

When you show kindness and courtesy to everyone you meet, you help to alleviate the burdens that most people are struggling with. You feel better about yourself. Your self esteem gets a boost.

When you express love and take responsibility without making excuses or blaming other people, you actually become a better person. You re-program your subconscious mind, and enhance your character in a very positive and dramatic way.

We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we are not extending in the present.

The greatest of all regrets is love not expressed. 

People who love more are naturally more happy. There is no exact definition of the word happiness. Happy people are happy for all sorts of reasons.


  1. Answer this question- The last time I showed love and compassion to a complete stranger was ….
  2. call your mother and father and tell them that you love them and forgive them. Be if the elite. Call them.




4 thoughts on “Did you Love?

  1. Akash Aagarwal says:

    The last time I showed love and compassion to a complete stranger was the last time I met a complete stranger. I believe in respecting all for you never know what journey you are on, and where will this take you. Being humble never hurts.

    Amazing post! Keep posting…


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