You gotta read this!

This is a  Video Trailer of my recently launched but now a top-selling book –The Night I Woke Up!

The book can really transform your life, activate the power of self belief that you’ve kept dormant for years and make you a person beyond your own imagination.

It has just been a month of its release and it has helped so so many people all over India and the world realize their true infinite potential, follow their dreams, and carving out your own path to happiness and self realization.


After reading The Night I Woke Up,  you would learn

  1. how to Kick off depression and fear of failure?
  2. how to ignore naysayers and be self-dependent?
  3. What all you are doing wrong when you are following your dreams?
  4. how our education system is ruining creativity and imagination!
  5. how failures and rejections can help you realize your dreams?

The book is short, to the point and each and every person can relate to the book.

” From fortunate rejections and proud failures to a phenomenal night of reincarnation. ” – The Night I Woke Up

This book is a real life story of how – when your world seems to collapse, that is when A New Journey Starts!

With a little humour, experiences that each person will absolutely relate to and lessons that would actually minimise your struggles in the long run.

This book will definitely boost your happiness levels and can transform your life into a more positive and meaningful. It will help you realise that you have the power to do, be or have anything you want. That you are really born to live an Amazing life, regardless of your present circumstances.


Before you go for the book, have a look at how people found it helpful and then go for it! – Read here!

Only to mention, this book has been launched recently and has bagged its position among the 26 top personal development books, and is highly recommended.

It will take you back to your school and college days or simply revive if you are already a student.

It will take you to the zombie world you might be unaware of! Answers to –

Why are we participating in the same marathon of becoming engineers, doctors, diplomats at the cost of following our dreams and passion?

I am sure the book would help you become the best version of yourself!

For India – Get your Life Transforming copy here!

For US,UK & other countries – Get your magical copy here!


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