My story of proud failures!

” FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS can be difficult but WORTH AT THE END! “

My journey of fortunate rejections and proud failures started after I had completed my engineering. I had transformed myself from a terrible speaker to a public speaking champion. I started realizing that whether I was eating or sleeping or studying or doing anything, I would have just one thing before my eyes – STAGE.

I felt as if I am born to speak and inspire and thus was born the dream – To become THE GREATEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.


I would live with this dream day and night. It took a lot of pain to convince my parents because they expected me to become an IAS officer.

But yes, they asked me to prove myself. When I would search for INDIA’s Top Motivational Speakers, to much dismay, there was’nt a single females’s name. I decided I would be the first.

I started my blog. I started uploading videos on my youtube channel. The response was not as I had expected.

Sent over a hundred messages to newspapers, college societies and associations briefing up my purpose and that I want to add real value by motivating and inspiring people to follow their dreams and realize the hero within.

Many would appreciate this initiative. But never did anyone say – Let’s do it!

Months were passing. I approached my own college and school. Even they turned down the proposal saying – ” Anyone can stand up on the stage, learn and speak. Exams are approaching. Please don’t waste our student’s time. “

That feeling was awful. I was losing the enthusiasm and belief with which I started. I was depressed and had lost the zest. My parents suggested that I should go for civil services. I thought – atleast not happy, but I would have a secure job.

Months passsed. I would hate myself for I was a failure. I wanted to become the greatest motivational speaker but could not motivate myself. It was getting unbearable.

It was just another day ( but the most miraculous day of my life ), when, I cannot express how, why and what, I WOKE UP to my dreams that night. I heed my calling. I had gone through so much failure and rejections, but that night, as if the Universe whispered – IF NOT NOW, THEN NEVER.


I had goosbumps because that wasn’t something normal. That was beyond comprehension.

Now when I had finally decided to create the life of my dreams, I did not have any idea – HOW DO I START?

This is something we all experience. I had already tried everything. I was standing quietly in my room when this thought came to me – ” Why not turn my life story into a book that will help inspire people just like me who want to follow their dreams but don’t know how?”

Thus, THE NIGHT I WOKE UP was born. My life has never remained the same after that magical night. I have seen the worst time to now, living my dream life.

I was invited to my college as a guest speaker to motivate in an Entrepreneurship Fair, I have a dozen speaking events at my hand, my book – The Night I Woke Up reached #26 Amazon bestsellers rank in Personal Development and self-help.

It has inspired thousands of people and won The April Sales Contest last month.
I also coach people who want to make a difference and follow their dreams and have a huge list every month. I was successful the day I chose my dreams and visions over my fears and failures.

I love my life more than ever.

Following your dreams is difficult but possible and worth at the end. Go for it!


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